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Robotic Process Automation: Possibilities for the Financial Services Industry

Vikas Srivastava

This paper discusses the power of robotics in the Business Process Services (BPS) sector, especially for financial firms.

Putting Robots to Work for Higher Efficiency in Finance and Accounting Processes

Pradeep Kumar Kalaimani

Learn more about the immense potential of RPA in financial shared services, specifically in F&A.

Touchless Procure-to-Pay Processing: The Robotics Way

Pradeep Kumar Kalaimani

Examine the role of robotics in automating key transactional procure-to-pay processes. It also explores the cost and efficiency benefits robotics delivers by leveraging systemic controls and well-defined business rules.

How Analytics-Driven Processes are Transforming the Enterprise

Swaminathan Subramanian

Read all about how the role of analytics has evolved over the years in line with organizational process maturity and stability.

Automating the F&A Function: Eight Areas Of Impact

Rajasekar G.

This paper showcases how automation of F&A processes can add value to the business while providing agility and growth to an organization.

Analytics in F&A: Moving from Dependability to Predictability

Ateendra Dabas

This paper highlights the role of analytics in helping CFOs deliver real-time benefits and take swift action.

Improving Agility in Accounts Receivables with Statistical Prediction and Modeling

R Rengesh Siva & Amitabha Mandal

Find out how applying a statistical prediction model to arrive at the base level DSO for operations can help take focused actions for reducing the overall DSO.

Business Intelligence in Finance & Accounting: Foundation for an Agile Enterprise

Balaji Venkat Chellam Iyer

Explore how organizations can formulate mature BI systems to handle data in order to achieve their business and financial objectives.

Strengthening Liquidity and Reducing Risk: 12 Ways to Optimize Days Sales Outstanding

Vrinda Kamath

This paper tackles the challenges faced by organizations in collecting their receivables, and the various measures that businesses can adopt to optimize DSO.

Achieving Business Excellence: Utilities Embracing Analytics for Effective Decision Making

Swaminathan Subramanian

Learn more about how utilities can leverage analytics to increase customer trust and satisfaction, and improve profits.

Retail CFOs: Gearing up for Tomorrow

Swaminathan Subramanian

Examine how technology is redefining both the role of the CFO as well as the finance functions.


Analytics & Robotic Automation: A Winning Combination to Achieve Business Excellence

Vikas Srivastava

Vikas Srivastava discusses how organizations can adopt new digital and process automation technologies to drive business growth and agility.

Evolving F&A: From Controllers to Strategy Officers

Vikas Srivastava

This blog explores how Big Data and analytics have transformed the role of F&A personnel - from controllers to strategy officers.

Going Touchless: Digital Transformation in the Accounts Payable Process

Bharat Sureka

Take a look at how organizations are adopting digital technologies to reimagine the AP function for today’s hyper connected world.

Reimagine the Finance Function: Leveraging the Digital Five Forces

Bharat Sureka

Find out how the finance function can benefit from leveraging the Digital Five Forces.

6 Ways to Improve the Finance Function

Swaminathan Subramanian

To stay ahead, organizations have to keep pace with technology innovation, increase efficiency, and stay compliant. This infographic illustrates six things to help CFOs become more agile.

Re-inventing Finance & Accounting: Strategies for Innovation and Transformation

Bhaskar Vemur

Explore how technological advancement enables enterprises to choose from a wide range of opportunities and transform the F&A function from a traditional cost center to a strategic service center.

Leveraging Predictive Analytics for CFOs for Improved Financial Control

Ateendra Dabas

Explore how a judicious investment in analytics software can help organizations take proactive actions for a given market situation, helping them gain real-time benefits.

Optimizing Reporting Processes for Smarter Insights

Deepan Chandramohan

Learn more about how analytics takes center stage, and helps reporting systems assume critical importance in extending business intelligence to the right decision makers.

Reconciliation: Moving away from Reactive to Proactive Error Identification

Sridharan Periyaswamy

Find out how today’s organizations need to employ analytics and move to a risk-based approach to carry out control checks on transactions.

CFOs can Eliminate Financial Leakage: Leverage Centralized and Automated Procure-to-Pay Process

Avinash Pattabhiram

Avinash discusses how CFOs can eliminate financial leakage by leveraging a centralized and automated procure-to-pay process.

Working Capital Management: Analytical Model for Effective Collections

Rengesh Siva

Rengesh Siva discusses how enterprises can seek innovative methods to improve their cash flow and reduce bad debt.

The Making Of An Agile Enterprise: Utilizing Business Intelligence Effectively in Finance

Venkat Balaji

Check out how CFOs can play a crucial role in leveraging ‘Business Intelligence’ (BI) to enable accurate forecasting and minimize the impact of adverse trends or instances.